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Joint Statement by President Biden and President Yoon on the Third Summit for Democracy
Summit for Democracy 2023 and Regional Programmes Announced
Youth Democracy Cohort Releases Call to Action
Summit for Democracy Cohorts Analysis Published
International IDEA support to the Summit for Democracy 2021-2023
Reassessing Southern EU Democracy Support: The Security Dilemma
Why the Next Democracy Summit Must Go Beyond Civil Society Support
Sweden EU Presidency and the Democracy Agenda
Summit for Democracy 2023 Announced
Connecting global to local through country-level dialogues on the Summit for Democracy
Promoting the role of youth in political and democratic spaces: Online peer-to-peer dialogue
Access Now #KeepItOn Coalition’s Shutdown Impact Stories Project via the Technology for Democracy Cohort
Democratic Innovations From Around the World: Lessons for the West
Rule of law continues five-year decline, but bright spots emerge
Exporting Corruption 2022: Top trading countries doing even less than before to stop foreign bribery
International IDEA support to the Summit for Democracy 2021-2022
International Democracy Day 2022
The Summit for Democracy Can Only Be a Success If It Focuses on Youth
Rising Hostility to Democracy Support: Can It Be Countered?
Nordic Foreign Ministers: Making the case for democracy
Washington wants to address anti-west sentiment in Africa: Blinken is doing his bit
Journal of Democracy: Drowning Democracy
Making the EU’s New Development Aid Work for Democracy
Can Antony Blinken Update Liberal Foreign Policy for a World Gone Mad?
Autocracy Versus Democracy After the Ukraine Invasion: Mapping a Middle Way
Three essential initiatives to defend democracy against corruption
Post Summit for Democracy Dialogue: Analyzing country commitments and exploring opportunities for engagement
Exploring Worldwide Democratic Innovations
Ireland has moved to improve electoral integrity – other countries should follow suit
Mayors Introduce Global Declaration for Democracy
Joint Declaration Between the Kingdom of Spain and the United States of America
New International IDEA Report: Unpacking the Summit for Democracy Commitments – Opportunities for the Year of Action and Second Summit
In Ukraine and Neighboring Countries, Democracy Activists Are Prepared for a Long Struggle
Successful right-wing populist movements decrease satisfaction with democracy among non-populist voters
Biden touts democracy at Americas summit but faces sharp pushback
Neither Gone Nor Forgotten: China Still Interferes in Democracies
6 things to watch during the Summit of the Americas
Reality Check: Can the West Bring Kleptocrats to Justice?
NDI Champions “Democracy Game Changers” for S4D Year of Action
The Ukraine crisis may reinvigorate Eastern European democracies
Strengthening press freedom at home and abroad: 10 recommendations for the world’s democracies
How the War Could Transform Ukrainian Politics
Hong Kong’s Freedoms: What China Promised and How It’s Cracking Down
Slovenian Elections: A Win for Democracy, a Loss for Populism in Europe
Latin America’s divisions over defending democracy
The time to support the Global South is now
Battle lines for the future of the internet
Defeating Putin in Ukraine Is Vital to the Future of Democracy
Costa Rica’s New Populist President Could Be a Lesson in Democracy—or a Worrying Trend
The Battle for Democracy Can Be Won in Warsaw
United States and 60 Global Partners Launch Declaration for the Future of the Internet
Solving the Failure of Governments to Respond to the Climate Crisis: The Case for Environmental Democracy
Digital Services Act: Commission welcomes political agreement on rules ensuring a safe and accountable online environment
US State Department Kicks Off ‘Democracy Cohorts’ Initiative as Part of the Summit’s Year of Action
Freedom House Nations in Transit 2022 Policy Recommendations
Global Partnership to End Online Violence Against Women Presents Opportunities for Tech and Government to Step Up
The Russian Propaganda in Arabic Hidden from the West
Ukraine Crisis Prompts China to Swing Behind Myanmar’s Junta
The Dark Side of Democracy
The Global Fragility Strategy Gets a Refresh
The Democrats America Is Leaving Behind
“The most bitter cigarette.” How Europe’s gas dependence is a hazard for democracy
The battle for Tunisia’s democracy
Tech and Democracy: Related Written Commitments from S4D 2021
Hungary’s Manipulated Election
Six Takeaways From Fidesz And Orban’s Big Hungarian Election Win
How Democracies Can Respond to the Invasion of Ukraine
This lifeline for independent media could also boost democracy around the world
Ukraine’s EU Membership and the Geostrategy of Democratic Self-Preservation
Joint Statement by President von der Leyen and President Biden on Ukraine
How the U.S. Gender Equality Funding Increase Can Actually Be Effective
Embracing Autocrats to Help Ukraine Is a Losing Proposition
What Russia’s invasion of Ukraine means for democracy promotion in the Middle East
Atlantic Council
As no-confidence vote looms, Pakistan’s democracy faces key stress test
How Vladimir Putin provokes—and complicates—the struggle against autocracy
Opening Closed Spaces: Tips for Leveraging Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning of Programs in Restrictive Environments
Can Russia’s War on Ukraine Drive Turkey and the West to Reconcile?
Georgia must bolster resilience to information warfare
How Canada can help promote democracy abroad
America Needs a Better Plan to Fight Autocracy
International IDEA support to the Summit for Democracy 2021-2022: Overview of projects and activities
Open Government Partnership Analysis of Summit Commitments
Why We Need a Transatlantic Democracy Agenda
The Russian war on Ukraine and its impact on global democracy work – Five scenarios
Support for democracy is waning across the Americas
The Kyiv Declaration: An appeal from 100 Ukrainian civil society leaders
The Democracy Turning Its Back on Ukraine
The Battle Between Democracy and Autocracy, From Russia to Cambodia
Countering Russian Kleptocrats: What the West’s Response to Assault on Ukraine Should Look Like
Gender equality and the Summit for Democracy
The Global Democracy Coalition’s Statement in Support of Ukraine
Ukraine’s real-life challenge for democracy
Why Democracy Matters in Russia’s War Against Ukraine
Freedom House: President Biden Must Help Reverse Tunisia’s Authoritarian Slide
The Summit for Democracy commitments are out—now what?
Despite Civil Society’s Contributions to Democracy, Mongolia’s NGOs Are Now at Risk
Commitment to Democracy Is Needed Now More Than Ever
Beyond NATO, new alliances could defend democracy and counter Putin
US State Department Releases Written Commitments from the Summit


Past events

gender cohort
Unpacking Democracy: Why Gender Equality Matters
How to increase youth engagement and participation in democracies
Youth Democracy Cohort in Costa Rica
Championing Digital Democracy for All: Collective Action from the Technology for Democracy Cohort
Partners for Democracy Day
Pre-Summit for Democracy Dialogue In Defense of Democracy – Citizens Summit On Democracy
Youth Democracy Cohort in Zambia
Gender Cohort: Gender Equality as a Prerequisite for Democracy
Global Democracy Coalition Forum 2023
EU´s external democracy action in a new geopolitical reality
Summit for Democracy Year of Action Dialogue
The Global State of Democracy 2022 Global Launch Event
Constitutionalism in Europe: Current Challenges and Prospects for the Future
Promoting the role of youth in political and democratic spaces
How the EU Can Safeguard Media Freedom and Pluralism in Hungary and Poland
Roundtable: Women at the Nexus of Recovery and Reconstruction – Driving Global Political Participation
Launch of the Digital Campaigning and Political Finance in the Asia and the Pacific Region report
REPORT LAUNCH: Freedom on the Net 2022
Transnational Repression: The Long Arm of Authoritarianism
“Truth Decay” in Europe
Global Democracy Coalition: International Democracy Day Conference
International Democracy Day Brussels 2022
Freedom House Report Launch: Beijing’s Global Media Influence: Authoritarian Expansion and the Power of Democratic Resilience
Russian Cyberwarfare: Unpacking the Kremlin’s Capabilities
Stopping the Spread of Online Mis- and Disinformation
Anti-corruption’s cutting edge: New directions in beneficial ownership transparency
Youth Brain Drain in the Western Balkans: Shifting Perspectives and Policies
Breaking Barriers. Women and Politics in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine
Progress on SDG16: How are we doing and what happens if we fail?
Advancing LGBTQIA+ Rights via U.S. Foreign Policy
Post Summit for Democracy Dialogue: Analyzing country commitments and exploring opportunities for engagement
Democratic Reforms for Ukraine’s EU Integration: Dialogue with Leading Reformers
The State of Democracy in Latin America and the World
Post-Mortem: Russian and Chinese COVID-19 Information Operations
Global Summit for Democracy 2022 – European Regional Forum
Democracy in Action: Zero Corruption Conference
Launch of Defending Democracy in Exile: Policy Responses to Transnational Repression
Youth civic and political participation: shaping our democracies and our fight on climate change
Can the Summit for Democracy Support Open Governance?
Women’s Political Leadership Amid Closing Space in ASEAN
Panel discussion: What happened in the Philippine elections?
U.S. and European Strategies to Tackle Human Rights in Global Supply Chains
IFES: Democratic Challenges in Europe: Recent Elections in Serbia and Hungary — What Lies Ahead? 
Disinformation and its Impact on Democratic Processes
Freedom House Report Launch: Nations in Transit 2022
The State of Democracy in North Africa and the Middle East
China-EU Relations Amid the Ukraine Crisis
The War in Ukraine: Geopolitical Implications for Eurasia
The Shifting Global Balance of Autocracy and Democracy
Responsible AI in a Global Context
Democracy at a Tipping Point?
Hungarian Parliamentary Elections: Democratic Backsliding or Democratic Revival?
V-Dem Democracy Report 2022 Discussion
Chinese Disinformation Fuels the War in Ukraine
Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy
Democratic Resilience and Backsliding: Coping with the Challenges of the Post-Pandemic World
Operationalizing responsible AI
Post-Summit Reflections – Analysis of Written Country Commitments
Twitter Chat: “Will the Summit for Democracy Commitments lead to Action?”
Tearing Down the Curtain: Countering the Kremlin’s Information War
Conference on Environmental Democracy
Hungary’s Elections: Scenarios and Implications for Euro-Atlantic Partners
Propaganda, Politics, and War: Information Manipulation in France’s Presidential Election
Russia’s Crackdown on Independent Media and Access to Information Online
Foreign Policy and IFES Virtual Dialogue: Corruption and Democratic Decay
Building a Digital Alliance for the 21st Century
Ukraine and Taiwan: Parallels and Early Lessons Learned
France and the Western Response to Russia’s War on Ukraine
The new geopolitics of state fragility
Consequences of the War in Ukraine on the Middle East
The Future of Democracy: Strengthening Liberal Values, Institutions and Procedures at Global, European, Regional and National Levels
How can democracies harness technology to promote inclusive economic growth and development?
How Can We Get EU Recovery Right?
Russia’s Southern Game: NATO’s Southern Flank after the Ukraine Invasion
Political Violence and Our Democratic Future
Erdoğan’s Turkey Explained
Global Security Forum: Foreign Policy in an Era of Domestic Division
Consolidating Democracy: A Candid Discussion with Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto
Democracy for Vietnam: Obstacles and Opportunities
Standing With Ukraine: Strengthening Crisis Support
An Offshore Cold War: Forging a Democratic Alliance to Combat Transnational Kleptocracy
Rights Revoked: The State of Human Rights in Afghanistan After Six Months of Taliban Rule
Launch of Democracy Report 2022 & V-Dem Dataset version 12
How the Baltic States Are Supporting Ukraine
Countering Coups in the Greater Sahel
The Contribution of Czechia, Lithuania, and Slovakia to the Summit for Democracy Process
Responding to Russian Cyber Operations
Webinar: Securing Democracy from Illicit Finance: Strengthening the First Mile
Democracy: A Geopolitical Priority for Europe?
Cyber Activism: The Secret Role of Elves in Countering Hybrid Operations
Prioritizing Partnerships with Africa
Combating Gendered Disinformation Campaigns
Biden at the One-Year Mark: Successes, Failures, and Uncertainties
From Words to Action: Can the Summit for Democracy Deliver?
Reimagining American Democracy: Democracy in America, Democracy in the World
2021 OGP Global Summit: Seoul, Republic of Korea
After the Summit for Democracy: Shoring Up the Fundamentals of Democracy
The Summit for Democracy: A Transatlantic Readout
Free Enterprise & Democracy Network: Reflections on the Summit for Democracy