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Opening Closed Spaces: Tips for Leveraging Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning of Programs in Restrictive Environments

As civic space becomes increasingly closed globally, it becomes more challenging, but also more critical, to effectively carry out monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) techniques associated with programme oversight. Access to information is more limited, and it can be more risky to collect and share data. On the back of its experience operating in such contexts, the International Republican Institute (IRI) gives three tips:

  1. Maximise the use of qualitative methods to collect data, which can allow for more flexibility in measuring results in unpredictable and complex environments.
  2. Actively seek out diverse and alternate sources of information and data, which can help in challenging unacknowledged biases and assumptions.
  3. Encourage programmes to integrate digital security procedures into MEL plans, which can help to facilitate safer data collection and give stakeholders more options in times of crisis.

Read the full blog post here at the International Republican Institute.