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Summit for Democracy Newsletter: March 7th 2024

Dear Summit for Democracy Friends,

We hope all is well with you! Ahead of the third Summit for Democracy, March 18-20, we started again to release weekly Summit4Democracy newsletters to keep you informed. During the week of the Summit, we will release daily newsletters.

The Summit4Democracy newsletter is a joint initiative of the Global Democracy Coalition powered by Accountability Lab and International IDEA. The newsletter seeks to ensure that organizations involved in the Summit for Democracy and related processes are able to stay up-to-date on the activities, issues, and initiatives that emerged from those processes.

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Summit for Democracy Updates

Third Summit for Democracy website
  • The third Summit for Democracy, themed 'Democracy for Future Generations,' will be held from March 18-20, 2024, in Seoul, announced by the President of the Republic of Korea. Registration for participants and media is open on the official Summit website.
  • The three-day event includes:
    • Day 1 (March 18): Ministerial conference and expert roundtable discussions on "Technology and Democracy," focusing on democratic innovation using emerging technologies.
    • Day 2 (March 19): Cohort, Civil Society, and Youth Day featuring sessions and exhibition booths showcasing their work in shaping future democracy. Supported by various organizations, activities will be held at the COEX Center, Seoul.
    • Day 3 (March 20): Virtual Summit Plenary with Heads of State and interventions from civil society.
  • For further information on the Summit for Democracy, especially around Day 2’s Cohort, Civil Society and Youth Day, check out the Summit for Democracy Resource Portal here.

S4D Stakeholder Updates

The Youth Democracy Cohort published #YouthInAction – Promoting a Culture of Youth Political Participation
  • The Youth Democracy Cohort published #YouthInAction – Promoting a Culture of Youth Political Participation
  • The Civic Space Cohort, co-chaired by Norway, the Czech Republic, and ICNL, will host a panel on "Protecting Digital Civic Space." The panel will take place on Day 2 of the Summit for Democracy from 4:30 - 6:00pm at the COEX Center.
  • The co-leads of the Financial Transparency and Integrity (FTI) Cohort, International Cooperation for Anti-Corruption Cohort, and Anti-Corruption Policies Cohort will convene a session during the morning (KST) of Day 2 (March 19) of the third Summit for Democracy (S43) in Seoul. The session will examine progress, challenges, and the use of technology in advancing anti-corruption priorities and commitments identified through the democracy cohorts. The session will be open to the public and will include audience Q&A. Livestream may be available. 
  • The International Foundation for Electoral Systems and the Australian Election Commission will host a showcase on the Building Resources in Democracy, Governance, and Elections (BRIDGE) training module on disability rights and elections on March 19th at 9:45am in Room 301 of the COEX Center in Seoul. This disability rights cohort session is open to all participants, including government officials, civil society, and technology companies. Utilizing BRIDGE’s interactive learning format, participants will learn how to include people with disabilities in all aspects of the electoral cycle, including as voters, candidates, poll workers and election observers. A focus will be put on inclusion of young people with disabilities, and how to mitigate the unique barriers they experience as a result of ableism and ageism. Sample commitments that states can make around disability-inclusive democracy and governance, developed in consultation with disability rights advocates from around the world, will be shared with all participants.
  • 2024 Global Democracy Coalition Forum: The 2024 GDC Forum will convene between 11 – 15 March 2024 in the lead up to the third Summit for Democracy. Anticipated as a week-long celebration for democracy, the 2024 Forum will include regional fora held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Accra, Ghana; Barcelona, Spain; and Seoul, South Korea, culminating in its final convening day in South Korea on 15 March.  For more information and to register to attend:"
  • Partners for Democracy Day 2024: The GDC is organizing its second Partners for Democracy Day, scheduled for March 19, 2024. The event aims to provide an additional platform for civil society, international organizations, academic institutions, think tanks, philanthropic organizations, and the private sector, to engage in the Summit for Democracy and the global democracy debate. 
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