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Slovenian Elections: A Win for Democracy, a Loss for Populism in Europe

Emily Bloom writes in the International IDEA blog about the broader implications of Robert Golob's 24 April electoral victory for democracy in Slovenia. The country recently experienced democratic backsliding under the leadership of outgoing Prime Minister Janez Janša, whereby fundamental rights and checks on democracy were weakened.

The election was notable for a number of reasons: Electoral participation increased, and civil society played an important role in engaging citizens. Golob's Freedom Movement held the appeal of a new party, enabling it to draw votes from other established parties. The new leadership will need to focus on restoring waning fundamental rights and impartial administration and shoring up media integrity. The democracy support community should closely watch developments in Slovenia, as they may carry key lessons for resilience to democratic backsliding.

Read the full piece here at the International IDEA blog.