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6 things to watch during the Summit of the Americas

As the Summit of the Americas commences, for which expectations are fairly low that the Biden Administration will deliver, Nahal Toosi highlights six aspects for our attention in Politico. Those that choose to attend, and those that do not, will be telling, with Biden's decision to exclude Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua controversial. The Administration has also been close-lipped when it comes to the deliverables of the Summit of the Americas, with rumours of an economic framework proposal, a health systems initiative, a climate and energy partnership, food security plan, and migration proposal. In the aftermath of the Summit for Democracy at the end of 2021, the importance to protect and promote democracy is expected to remain a high priority for Biden. Finally, the impact of Russia's unjustified invasion of Ukraine and the increasing Chinese influence in Latin America will also be important.

Read the full piece here in Politico.