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Partners for Democracy Day

On 29-30 March 2023, President Biden will co-host the second Summit for Democracy with the governments of Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Republic of Korea, and Republic of Zambia. This is the second Summit for Democracy aimed to build a broader community of partners committed to global democratic renewal. The Summits will showcase progress made by Summit countries on commitments made in the first Summit in 2021 and will organize collective action to address emerging challenges to democracy.

In the lead up to the second Summit, the Global Democracy Coalition will convene a Partners for Democracy Day on 27 March 2023.

The Partners for Democracy Day is an independent initiative that will bring together a global multistakeholder coalition for democracy through dialogues and events held throughout the world, during 24 hours on 27 March. The aim of Partners for Democracy Day is to provide a platform for civil society, international organizations, academic institutions, think tanks, philanthropic organizations and the private sector, that may not be part of the official Summit, but that want to make their voices heard in the Summit discussions and in the global democracy debate. Being held during the same week as the Summit for Democracy, will provide visibility for civil society and other voices and their efforts in support and protection of democracy worldwide, while also broadening and enriching Summit discussions to those issues and perspectives that the official Summit may not cover. Partners for Democracy Day can also provide a valuable opportunity to raise visibility for specific issues of concern to civil society and other stakeholders in the democracy space. It also provides an opportunity to showcase the outputs and recommendations produced in the Global Democracy Coalition Forum a month before. Finally, Partners for Democracy Day can also provide an additional platform for the Summit for Democracy cohorts to present their work and share their experiences.

Partners for Democracy Day is envisaged as a series of virtual, in-person and hybrid events organized by partners in the Global Democracy Coalition (and other organizations in civil society, academic institutions and multilateral organizations) under a common umbrella.

Since there will be 5 regional Summits, Partners for Democracy Day events are encouraged to be held in-person or in hybrid format in the hosting countries/cities or in other countries in their respective regions.

Partners for Democracy Day is open to any civil society organization, think tank, philanthropic organization or academic institution – member or not of the Coalition – that seeks to engage with the Summit for Democracy, by organizing an event or panel discussion. Each event will be organized by a volunteering organization(s). The Global Democracy Coalition will provide the logo and generic guidelines and will help advertise the events under a common umbrella of Partners for Democracy Day on the Global Democracy Coalition´s website.

If your organization is interested in organizing an event under the umbrella of Partners for Democracy Day by Global Democracy Coalition, please fill in this form.

For more information, contact Elisenda Balleste Buxo

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27 March 2023
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