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Global Summit for Democracy 2022 – European Regional Forum

On 8 and 9 June 2022 in Budapest, Hungary, the Association of European Election Officials (ACEEEO) will convene the European Regional Forum as an integral part of the Global Summit for Democracy 2022, organized by the National Electoral Institute of Mexico (INE Mexico) in cooperation with different international organizations, electoral associations and electoral bodies. The goal of the gathering is to develop a comprehensive and global process to reflect upon and debate the significant challenges to democracy, especially those related to free and fair elections. The event will facilitate meaningful discussion on such topics as the relevance of civic education, the threat of populism, the relationship between freedom of expression and digital platforms, and the integrity of electoral legislation.

Find out more about the event on the ACEEEO website.

Event date
8 June 2022
Organising parties
Association of European Election Officials