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Poland’s Election Represents a Setback to Illiberalism
Why Anti-LGBTQ Attacks Matter for Democracy
Evolving Surveillance Tech Whets the Authoritarian Impulse to See and Know All
How Can Europe Help the Next Phase of the Summit for Democracy?
Access Now #KeepItOn Coalition’s Shutdown Impact Stories Project via the Technology for Democracy Cohort
Rule of law continues five-year decline, but bright spots emerge
Rising Hostility to Democracy Support: Can It Be Countered?
Nordic Foreign Ministers: Making the case for democracy
Can Antony Blinken Update Liberal Foreign Policy for a World Gone Mad?
Three essential initiatives to defend democracy against corruption
Autocracy Versus Democracy After the Ukraine Invasion: Mapping a Middle Way
In Ukraine and Neighboring Countries, Democracy Activists Are Prepared for a Long Struggle
Neither Gone Nor Forgotten: China Still Interferes in Democracies
Reality Check: Can the West Bring Kleptocrats to Justice?
NDI Champions “Democracy Game Changers” for S4D Year of Action
The Ukraine crisis may reinvigorate Eastern European democracies
Hong Kong’s Freedoms: What China Promised and How It’s Cracking Down
The time to support the Global South is now
Battle lines for the future of the internet
Defeating Putin in Ukraine Is Vital to the Future of Democracy
The Battle for Democracy Can Be Won in Warsaw
Freedom House Nations in Transit 2022 Policy Recommendations
The Russian Propaganda in Arabic Hidden from the West
Ukraine Crisis Prompts China to Swing Behind Myanmar’s Junta
“The most bitter cigarette.” How Europe’s gas dependence is a hazard for democracy
The battle for Tunisia’s democracy
The Democrats America Is Leaving Behind
How Democracies Can Respond to the Invasion of Ukraine
Ukraine’s EU Membership and the Geostrategy of Democratic Self-Preservation
How Vladimir Putin provokes—and complicates—the struggle against autocracy
Embracing Autocrats to Help Ukraine Is a Losing Proposition
What Russia’s invasion of Ukraine means for democracy promotion in the Middle East
America Needs a Better Plan to Fight Autocracy
The Russian war on Ukraine and its impact on global democracy work – Five scenarios
Countering Russian Kleptocrats: What the West’s Response to Assault on Ukraine Should Look Like
The Battle Between Democracy and Autocracy, From Russia to Cambodia
Freedom House: President Biden Must Help Reverse Tunisia’s Authoritarian Slide
Beyond NATO, new alliances could defend democracy and counter Putin
Ukraine’s real-life challenge for democracy
Commitment to Democracy Is Needed Now More Than Ever
Biden Insists He Doesn’t Want a New Cold War. His Actions Say Otherwise
The Economist: A new low for global democracy
A Sixth Coup in Africa? The West Needs to Up Its Game.
What Is the Future of Democracy?
Strengthening Democracy Is a Better Counterterrorism Strategy
Summit for Democracy Showed the Challenges to Democracy
Biden Doesn’t Know What He Thinks About Sanctions
The democratic threat to democracy
Not Just China and Russia, U.S. Ally Turkey Says ‘Many Are Questioning’ Biden’s Democracy Summit
A summit for democracy or building a bloc to counter China and Russia?
How to Deliver for Citizens in Fragile States After the Democracy Summit
Biden’s Exclusion of Erdoğan from the Democracy Summit May Be a Blessing in Disguise for Turkey
Whither Democracy? Perspectives from South Asia
Biden’s summit for democracy: what Africa needs to bring to the table
Biden’s Summit for Democracy shouldn’t be just a photo op


Past events

Forum 2000
27th Forum 2000 Conference
International Democracy Day 2023 – Brussels
2023 OGP Global Summit: Tallinn, Estonia
Launch of International IDEA’s Summit for Democracy Impact Report
REPORT LAUNCH: Freedom on the Net 2022
Transnational Repression: The Long Arm of Authoritarianism
Russian Cyberwarfare: Unpacking the Kremlin’s Capabilities
Freedom House Report Launch: Beijing’s Global Media Influence: Authoritarian Expansion and the Power of Democratic Resilience
The State of Democracy in Latin America and the World
Post-Mortem: Russian and Chinese COVID-19 Information Operations
Launch of Defending Democracy in Exile: Policy Responses to Transnational Repression
Freedom House Report Launch: Nations in Transit 2022
The Shifting Global Balance of Autocracy and Democracy
V-Dem Democracy Report 2022 Discussion
Russia’s Crackdown on Independent Media and Access to Information Online
The Future of Democracy: Strengthening Liberal Values, Institutions and Procedures at Global, European, Regional and National Levels
Erdoğan’s Turkey Explained
Democracy for Vietnam: Obstacles and Opportunities
Rights Revoked: The State of Human Rights in Afghanistan After Six Months of Taliban Rule
An Offshore Cold War: Forging a Democratic Alliance to Combat Transnational Kleptocracy
How the Baltic States Are Supporting Ukraine
Countering Coups in the Greater Sahel
Rebuilding Democratic Momentum
360/StratCom 2021
Future of Democracy 2021: High Level Forum on Defending Against Authoritarianism


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