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The Battle Between Democracy and Autocracy, From Russia to Cambodia

Sam Rainsy, Former Minister of Economy and Finance of Cambodia, writes in the Diplomat reminding us of how stable democracies are fundamental to peace. Democracy and peace are mutually reinforcing-- it is rare for democracies to invade neighbours or go to war with each other, and the unpopularity of war with an empowered public of voters creates strong incentives for peace. Rainsy references the institutional coup that took place in 2017 in Cambodia, which sought to eliminate the opposition and end progress towards democracy, and describes three scenarios for the future of democracy in Cambodia. The current regime in Cambodia is a threat to peace in the region, and a return to democracy in Cambodia would contribute to regional peace and security, and allow the country to participate in international pro-democracy fora such as the Summit for Democracy.

Read the full piece here in The Diplomat.