New International IDEA Report: Unpacking the Summit for Democracy Commitments – Opportunities for the Year of Action and Second Summit

International IDEA is pleased to announce the publication of our report providing an analysis of the first Summit and presenting several options and opportunities for the second Summit. Read the full report here. Some key recommendations include: All countries participating in the Summit should be further encouraged to submit written commitments to publicly affirm their … Continued

6 things to watch during the Summit of the Americas

As the Summit of the Americas commences, for which expectations are fairly low that the Biden Administration will deliver, Nahal Toosi highlights six aspects for our attention in Politico. Those that choose to attend, and those that do not, will be telling, with Biden’s decision to exclude Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua controversial. The Administration has … Continued

Reality Check: Can the West Bring Kleptocrats to Justice?

Based on the results of its new study, Up to the Task? The State of Play in Countries Committed to Freezing and Seizing Russian Dirty Money, Transparency International has evaluated how well countries leading multilateral efforts to freeze and seize kleptocrats’ assets are equipped to deliver on their stated objectives. The analysis covers eight countries: … Continued

The time to support the Global South is now

While Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine is forcing hard choices in Europe regarding international support, Martin Schulz argues that the war in Ukraine justifies more support, involvement and investment in the Global South, not less. Challenges in the Global South continue to worsen, most notably the risk of famine, intensifying drought, and heightened risks of … Continued

Battle lines for the future of the internet

Cameron F. Kerry for Brookings Institution considers the broader geopolitical context of the White House’s recent initiative, Declaration on the Future of the Internet, and probes important next steps to be taken for the effort to be effective. The declaration aims to reclaim “the promise of the Internet”, emphasising its importance as a single interconnected … Continued

US State Department Kicks Off ‘Democracy Cohorts’ Initiative as Part of the Summit’s Year of Action

The United States is launching multistakeholder platforms, called Democracy Cohorts, to take joint action in supporting commitment implementation in priority focus areas. Each Democracy Cohort will bring together governments and authorities that demonstrate the political will for progress on key Summit commitments in cooperation with the relevant non-governmental stakeholders. Each cohort will be co-led by … Continued

Global Partnership to End Online Violence Against Women Presents Opportunities for Tech and Government to Step Up

Moira Whelan illuminates the importance of and makes recommendations regarding the US-led initiative, Global Partnership for Action on Gender-Based Online Harassment and Abuse, which is part of the Summit’s Year of Action. There is mounting evidence that online harassment presents a significant, persistent and systemic barrier to women’s political participation and is a threat to … Continued

Tech and Democracy: Related Written Commitments from S4D 2021

The Digital Impact and Governance Initiative (DIGI) compiled a list of the over 100 commitments made that related specifically to technology and democracy. DIGI identified six broad areas of focus: Institutional readiness Digital transformation Information integrity Free, open and interoperable internet Critical and emerging technologies Cybersecurity and countering authoritarianism The list is available in a … Continued

How Canada can help promote democracy abroad

David Gillies considers in Open Canada the prospects for Canada’s commitment to establishing a Canadian centre to promote democracy and good governance around the world. The centre is set to expand the availability of Canadian expertise and assistance to human rights and democracy supporters and will prioritise fast and flexible support for fragile and emerging … Continued

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