How Can Europe Help the Next Phase of the Summit for Democracy?

By Richard Youngs and Ken Godfrey With contributions from Thomas Carothers, Nic Cheeseman, Jakub Klepal, Julia Leininger, Kirsten Meijer, Lisbeth Pilegaard, Anthony Smith, Antonella Valmorbida Leaders agreed that the Summit for Democracy process will continue to improve coordination among democracies. If the EU is to prove its credibility and effectiveness, concrete actions are needed in … Continued

Exporting Corruption 2022: Top trading countries doing even less than before to stop foreign bribery

Transparency International’s latest report, Exporting Corruption 2022, indicates that cross-border corruption facilitated by foreign bribery is worse than ever before. Despite international calls to punish companies that bribe foreign public officials to win government contracts, mining licenses and other deals, few countries have kept up with their commitments. Out of the countries analysed, only Switzerland … Continued

Three essential initiatives to defend democracy against corruption

Kristen Sample highlights three important global anti-corruption initiatives in The Hill. The damaging effects of corruption on democracy have been widely documented, and as corruption has become increasingly globalised, effective and durable solutions will require international buy-in. Sample highlights three initiatives: Stand with Ukraine, which is the international effort to support Ukraine in the wake … Continued

Reality Check: Can the West Bring Kleptocrats to Justice?

Based on the results of its new study, Up to the Task? The State of Play in Countries Committed to Freezing and Seizing Russian Dirty Money, Transparency International has evaluated how well countries leading multilateral efforts to freeze and seize kleptocrats’ assets are equipped to deliver on their stated objectives. The analysis covers eight countries: … Continued

Freedom House Nations in Transit 2022 Policy Recommendations

Freedom House has released policy recommendations targeted towards helping to counter authoritarianism and support human rights and democracy in the Nations in Transit region. Solutions will need to involve states, civil society and the private sector, and care should be taken to ensure that solutions do not result in strengthened undemocratic alliances. Recommendations focus on … Continued

The Dark Side of Democracy

Katherine Ellena and Erica Shein write about the importance of tackling the threat of dark money in politics, especially in terms of protecting our electoral integrity. Despite the broad international attention to countering corruption and kleptocracy, efforts have been fairly ineffective, with international frameworks failing to keep up and containing many holes to exploit. Four … Continued

America Needs a Better Plan to Fight Autocracy

Anne Applebaum criticises the US and International approach to autocracies in the Atlantic, making broad recommendations for change in the new context caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Autocrats help each other globally by sharing resources and tactics in a loosely-organised group of countries rejected by the West, with the goal to confuse the truth … Continued

Countering Russian Kleptocrats: What the West’s Response to Assault on Ukraine Should Look Like

Transparency International condemns the lack of progress made on closing the financial loopholes that enable kleptocrats to abuse the global financial system to conceal their money and influence, connecting it directly to the lack of effectiveness of and progress made on sanctioning Kremlin-linked individuals and businesses. Sanctions will always be of limited effectiveness as long … Continued

A Sixth Coup in Africa? The West Needs to Up Its Game.

Joseph Sany considers the recent coup attempt in Guinea-Bisseau, the fifth in nine months around the greater Sahel, and its implications for US assistance in Africa. Poor and authoritarian governance only continues to worsen instability and extremism in the region. Pro-democracy and peacebuilding specialists are crucial, and recommendations are made by experts in relation to … Continued


A new Canadian Task Force Against Global Corruption has been launched by the World Refugee & Migration Council as a part of Canada’s commitments at the Summit for Democracy. The Government of Canada stated in its written commitments that “Canada will convene a national high level, multi-sectoral roundtable to explore options to strengthen the international … Continued

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