International Democracy Day Brussels 2023

On 14 and 15 September 2023, International IDEA and its partners, the European Endowment for Democracy (EED), the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD), the European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP) and Carnegie Europe, organised the 2023 edition of the International Democracy Day Brussels. More than 120 representatives from democracy organisations as well as practitioners, policymakers, … Continued

How Can Europe Help the Next Phase of the Summit for Democracy?

By Richard Youngs and Ken Godfrey With contributions from Thomas Carothers, Nic Cheeseman, Jakub Klepal, Julia Leininger, Kirsten Meijer, Lisbeth Pilegaard, Anthony Smith, Antonella Valmorbida Leaders agreed that the Summit for Democracy process will continue to improve coordination among democracies. If the EU is to prove its credibility and effectiveness, concrete actions are needed in … Continued

International IDEA launches Impact Report on Second Summit for Democracy

By Nicolay Paus and Thomas Heinmaa Following the Second Summit for Democracy, International IDEA produced the report:  Democratic Engagement after Two Summits for Democracy: Reviewing the Impact and Providing some Reflections for the Future, which looked into the impact of the Year of Action and the Second Summit. The report reviewed the implementation of country … Continued

Youth Democracy Cohort Releases Call to Action

The co-leads of the Youth Democracy Cohort, International IDEA, the European Partnership for Democracy, the European Youth Network and Africtivistes, call on civil society organisations and other stakeholders around the world to promote youth political participation as a bedrock of the summit for democracy process. Civil society organisations, foundations and the private sector must seize … Continued

International IDEA support to the Summit for Democracy 2021-2023

International IDEA views the Summit for Democracy as a strategic opportunity to place democracy at the front and centre of the global agenda. The war in Ukraine underscores, even more, the need for democracies to stand united in the face of authoritarian threats. International IDEA has therefore developed a strategic engagement programme (2021-2023) around the … Continued

Summit for Democracy Cohorts Analysis Published

International IDEA has published an analysis of Democracy Cohort an overview of the purpose, work and outputs of the 16 Democracy Cohorts established or announced by February 2023 in the context of the Summit for Democracy organised by the US Government. The main contribution of the Democracy Cohorts to the Summit for Democracy process is … Continued

Summit for Democracy 2023 and Regional Programmes Announced

From 28 to 30 March 2023, the Second Summit for Democracy will be held. The full agenda can be found here. On 28 March, the U.S. Government will host a variety of Cabinet- and Sub-Cabinet- level thematic events to spotlight key Summit themes. Please refer to the Regional Programmes listed below. On 29 March, the … Continued

Connecting global to local through country-level dialogues on the Summit for Democracy

International IDEA, with the support from the European Commission, has been contributing to increasing effective evidence-based and coordinated support for democracy across the world through the Supporting Team Europe Democracy (STED) project. Within this project, the Summit for Democracy (S4D) emerged as a unique opportunity to place democracy at the centre of the global agenda. … Continued

Summit for Democracy 2023 Announced

The US Department of State has announced the dates for the Second Summit for Democracy, to be held on 29-30 March 2023. The event will be co-hosted by the governments of the United States, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Republic of Korea, and Republic of Zambia. It will assemble world leaders in a virtual, plenary format, … Continued

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