Joint Statement: Call for a United Nations Special Rapporteur on Democracy

Together with more than 80 civil society organizations, networks, think tanks and institutions as well as numerous individuals, organizations from around the world are calling on the United Nations to appoint a UN Special Rapporteur on Democracy (UNRoD). As observed in the joint statement led by Democracy Without Borders, democracy is threatened and authoritarianism is on … Continued

The EU’s Eastern Enlargement and Differentiated Democracy Support

Irakli Sirbiladze and Elena Ventura consider the EU’s approach in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine and make recommendations, grounding their observations in political and practical considerations regarding the changed landscape with Russia’s war in Ukraine and the EU’s recent decision to respond positively to Moldova, Ukraine, and—with qualifiers—Georgia’s membership applications. In Ukraine, while significant progress has … Continued

How Can Europe Help the Next Phase of the Summit for Democracy?

By Richard Youngs and Ken Godfrey With contributions from Thomas Carothers, Nic Cheeseman, Jakub Klepal, Julia Leininger, Kirsten Meijer, Lisbeth Pilegaard, Anthony Smith, Antonella Valmorbida Leaders agreed that the Summit for Democracy process will continue to improve coordination among democracies. If the EU is to prove its credibility and effectiveness, concrete actions are needed in … Continued

Summit for Democracy Impact Analysis and Reflections Published

International IDEA has published an analysis of the setup of the Second Summit, the state of implementation of past democracy commitments, the new commitments made by participating countries, and the level of inclusion of civil society and Democracy Cohorts at the summit. The Report also presents recommendations which could pave the way for stronger connectivity, … Continued

Reassessing Southern EU Democracy Support: The Security Dilemma

Erin Jones considers the approach taken by Southern EU Member States (Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain) to democracy support, including analysis of their commitments made at the Summit for Democracy. The article is part of the European Democracy Hub initiative run by Carnegie Europe and the European Partnership for Democracy. The article concludes that while on first … Continued

Why the Next Democracy Summit Must Go Beyond Civil Society Support

Katya Rimkunas and Patrick Quirk argue in the National Interest for why political parties should be better included in the efforts and commitments of the Summit for Democracy process. The authors contend that the current format offers too narrow of a solution, focussed disproportionately on supporting civil society and countering corruption without the requisite reforms … Continued

Sweden EU Presidency and the Democracy Agenda

The EU has traditionally been one of the world’s staunchest advocates of democracy, but major changes have affected the global democracy landscape recently. With the support of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, International IDEA led an analysis of the EU’s external democracy policy. The project’s recommendations stem from consultations with civil society in several … Continued

International Democracy Day 2022

From 14 to 16 September 2022, International IDEA and its partners, Carnegie Europe, the European Endowment for Democracy (EED), the European Network of Political Foundations (ENOP), and the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD) held a series of online and in-person discussions. Topics ranged from involving civil society in rebuilding Ukraine after Russia’s unjustified invasion, democracy … Continued

Rising Hostility to Democracy Support: Can It Be Countered?

As part of the European Democracy Hub initiative run by by Carnegie Europe and the European Partnership for Democracy, Nicolas Bouchet, Ken Godfrey and Richard Youngs consider how democracy support organisations can continue to operate in increasingly hostile contexts. The article specifically addresses operating in fully hostile environments, in which the state is closing the … Continued

Nordic Foreign Ministers: Making the case for democracy

The Foreign Ministers of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden have released a statement stressing the threat to sustainable development posed by the global decline of democracy, highlighting four key evidence-based conclusions: The return of democracy as a norm would significantly strengthen global peace and security Democracy is critical to mitigating the environmental and climate … Continued

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