Poland’s Election Represents a Setback to Illiberalism

Laura Thornton and David Salvo consider the broader implications of Poland’s election results for illiberal forces in Europe and globally, as it may present an important opportunity to reverse the course on the regional trend of choosing leaders that embrace anti-democratic values and anti-Ukraine rhetoric as we move towards key elections taking place in 2024, … Continued

The EU’s Eastern Enlargement and Differentiated Democracy Support

Irakli Sirbiladze and Elena Ventura consider the EU’s approach in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine and make recommendations, grounding their observations in political and practical considerations regarding the changed landscape with Russia’s war in Ukraine and the EU’s recent decision to respond positively to Moldova, Ukraine, and—with qualifiers—Georgia’s membership applications. In Ukraine, while significant progress has … Continued

How Can Europe Help the Next Phase of the Summit for Democracy?

By Richard Youngs and Ken Godfrey With contributions from Thomas Carothers, Nic Cheeseman, Jakub Klepal, Julia Leininger, Kirsten Meijer, Lisbeth Pilegaard, Anthony Smith, Antonella Valmorbida Leaders agreed that the Summit for Democracy process will continue to improve coordination among democracies. If the EU is to prove its credibility and effectiveness, concrete actions are needed in … Continued

Journal of Democracy: Drowning Democracy

Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili and Nataliia Shapoval draw an important lesson from the mistakes made in Afghanistan for the donor community in its engagement with Ukraine: Without the requisite engagement with local institutions and effective oversight mechanisms regarding spending, donor efforts can foster corruption, undermine institutions, and threaten stability. The authors highlight changes in Ukraine since … Continued

Autocracy Versus Democracy After the Ukraine Invasion: Mapping a Middle Way

Richard Youngs writes in Carnegie Europe about the changed dynamics between democracies and autocracies, and potential implications for cooperation between states and broader democracy support. The article probes the specific type of democracy-autocracy dynamic that will emerge in the wake of Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine. Youngs clarifies the currently mixed strategic dynamics among pro-democracy … Continued

The Ukraine crisis may reinvigorate Eastern European democracies

Maria Popova and Nikolay Marinov consider the potential impact of Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine on the broader dynamics of Eastern European democracies. The authors contend that the increased focus of a “war of worldviews” between Russia and Europe, rather than on internal corruption, has the potential to reinvigorate Eastern European democracies. Eastern Europe has … Continued

How the War Could Transform Ukrainian Politics

Andrew Lohsen for the Center for Strategic and International Studies writes about the current and potential future impact of Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine on the country’s politics. He addresses impacts in four areas: the erosion of pro-Russian sentiment, the banning of Russia-linked political parties, the potential for politically strengthened oligarchs, and newly energised civil … Continued

Defeating Putin in Ukraine Is Vital to the Future of Democracy

David J. Kramer argues that for democracy in Russia and Eurasia to flourish, it is crucial that the international community support Ukraine in defeating Putin. While critics fear that greater involvement will only serve the interests of the Kremlin, Kramer does not agree. Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine must not be viewed as only a … Continued

The Battle for Democracy Can Be Won in Warsaw

Anna Wojciuk in Foreign Policy clarified potential options for EU- and US-Poland relations moving forward in the wake of Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine, and their implications for the health of democracy in Europe and more broadly. The author argues against the assumption that Russia’s war in Ukraine has strengthened Poland’s position vis-à-vis the pressures … Continued

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