Youth Democracy Cohort Releases Call to Action

The co-leads of the Youth Democracy Cohort, International IDEA, the European Partnership for Democracy, the European Youth Network and Africtivistes, call on civil society organisations and other stakeholders around the world to promote youth political participation as a bedrock of the summit for democracy process. Civil society organisations, foundations and the private sector must seize … Continued

The Summit for Democracy Can Only Be a Success If It Focuses on Youth

Blair Glencorse, Meryl Miner and Julie Murray argue for the importance of effective inclusion of youth in the Summit for Democracy process in Modern Diplomacy. The Summit provides a unique opportunity to engage and mobilise young people in democratic renewal. The youth are key voices for change, but often lack adequate space and accessible platforms … Continued

Voices of the Future and a Youth Agenda for American Democracy

In the fall of 2021, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences organised two initiatives aimed at incorporating the input of young Americans, giving them a voice as the US Administration and wider world engages in the Year of Action on democracy reform. The first project, Voices of the Future, polled 18 to 29 year … Continued

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