The Democracy Turning Its Back on Ukraine

Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan considers why India has abstained in all four major UN votes regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine in the Atlantic. India has declined to support Ukraine and has not joined in the condemnation of Moscow, as many of its allies have. Similarly, the Indian public has not protested against the invasion. Rajagopalan … Continued

Countering Russian Kleptocrats: What the West’s Response to Assault on Ukraine Should Look Like

Transparency International condemns the lack of progress made on closing the financial loopholes that enable kleptocrats to abuse the global financial system to conceal their money and influence, connecting it directly to the lack of effectiveness of and progress made on sanctioning Kremlin-linked individuals and businesses. Sanctions will always be of limited effectiveness as long … Continued

The Kyiv Declaration: An appeal from 100 Ukrainian civil society leaders

Ukrainian civil society released six urgent appeals to the international community as the nation defends itself against Russian invasion. The war is not just against Ukraine: it is against the fundamental principles of democracy, and the signatories ask the international community to stand with Ukraine by taking the following six actions: Establish safe zones in … Continued

Why Democracy Matters in Russia’s War Against Ukraine

Derek Mitchell, President of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) weighs in on the Russian attack on Ukraine and how it relates to Ukrainian and global democratic aspirations. NDI has worked in Kyiv since 1992, witnessing “how Russia has used Ukraine as a testing ground for its attacks on democracy elsewhere”, concluding that Ukraine is therefore … Continued

The Global Democracy Coalition’s Statement in Support of Ukraine

Image courtesy of the Global Democracy Coalition ( By partner organizations in the Global Democracy Coalition and others in solidarity with Ukraine and its people. Read the statement here on the International IDEA website. We are again witnessing just how dangerous autocrats and their regimes can be. The Kremlin has for decades trampled on the rights and freedoms of … Continued

Ukraine’s real-life challenge for democracy

Hanna Hopko and Laura Thornton in the Hill make the case for the importance of Ukraine for democracy globally and the fight against authoritarianism. The authors argue that, “if the entire point of the Summit for Democracy is to protect democracy, Ukraine should be the rallying cry to make good on the commitment.” Ukrainian democracy … Continued

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