Can the Summit for Democracy deliver?

Susannah Fitzgerald of the UK Anti-Corruption Coalition, Aarti Narsee of CIVICUS and Karla McLaren of Amnesty International UK weigh in on how the Prime Minister of the UK and other world leaders can deliver on efforts associated with the Summit. For Fitzgerald, the UK and other such countries need to be honest about their own … Continued

Biden’s summit for democracy: what Africa needs to bring to the table

John J Stremlau in the Conversation considers the African context regarding the participation of the seventeen African country invitees to the Summit. The immediate context in Africa is considered in terms of the three issues on the agenda: defending against authoritarianism, fighting corruption, and promoting human rights. Read the full piece in the Conversation here.

Biden’s Summit for Democracy shouldn’t be just a photo op

Michael J. Abramowitz, president of Freedom House, considers how the US administration can ensure that the Summit results in actionable commitments that will support human rights defenders, journalists and democracy activists around the world. He criticises that democracies have not been aggressive enough in countering authoritarianism, with the Summit presenting an opportunity for renewed vigour … Continued

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