Why Anti-LGBTQ Attacks Matter for Democracy

Ari Shaw notes the lack of meaningful discussion during the Summit for Democracy about how democratic backslide has been accompanied by an increase in attacks on LGBTQIA+ people and the strategic use of anti-LGBT rhetoric by authoritarian forces. Mr Shaw and his colleagues with the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law published a study … Continued

Hong Kong’s Freedoms: What China Promised and How It’s Cracking Down

Lindsay Maizland writes a backgrounder for the Council on Foreign Relations on receding democracy in Hong Kong amidst a crackdown by Beijing. Despite assurances at the handover in 1997 that Hong Kong would be granted political autonomy for 50 years, recent years have seen significant restrictions on fundamental democratic rights and freedoms. The backgrounder gives … Continued

Freedom House Nations in Transit 2022 Policy Recommendations

Freedom House has released policy recommendations targeted towards helping to counter authoritarianism and support human rights and democracy in the Nations in Transit region. Solutions will need to involve states, civil society and the private sector, and care should be taken to ensure that solutions do not result in strengthened undemocratic alliances. Recommendations focus on … Continued

Embracing Autocrats to Help Ukraine Is a Losing Proposition

Kenneth Roth urges governments to not cast aside the values of human rights and democracy when attempting to cooperate with autocratic regimes in response to Russia’s unjust invasion of Ukraine. He notes the myriad drawbacks that came with such an approach in the past, such as with the War on Terror and the Cold War, … Continued

Despite Civil Society’s Contributions to Democracy, Mongolia’s NGOs Are Now at Risk

Craig Castagna writes for the International Republican Institute (IRI), praising Mongolian civil society for its contribution to the country’s democratic development, and criticising its government for recently tabled legal frameworks that place undue restrictions on the activities of CSOs. Since the country’s initial CSO law in 1997, a vibrant civil society has been instrumental in … Continued

Biden blundered by excluding Singapore from democracy summit

Dov S. Zakheim in the Hill criticises the exclusion of Singapore from the list of invitees in consideration of the wider context in the Asia-Pacific region. Singapore was recently described by the US State Department as, “one of the United States’ strongest bilateral partners in Southeast Asia and [one that] plays an indispensable role in … Continued

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