Cohort on Labour Rights

Democracy depends on the full ability of its citizens to participate in political, social and economic life. This ability is guaranteed and defended in part through the existence of labour rights, which ensure that workers are not taken advantage of or abused by their employers. Labour rights guarantee the freedom of expression and association of workers and the right to collective bargaining, and also establish the standards and procedures which regulate a safe and prosperous workplace.

The Cohort worked to help inform the labour-rights related commitments and reforms associated with the Summit process, and fostered diplomatic engagement around labour priorities that emerge from the Multilateral Partnership for Organizing, Worker Empowerment, and Rights (M-POWER) initiative. The initiative was announced by the US government at the first Summit for Democracy to advance workplace democracy and support trade union rights in the global economy. A key outcome by the Labour Rights Cohort is a document developed after consultations with government and labor stakeholders that captures best practices and principles to combat forced labor.

Relevant documents released by the cohort will be available in the links on the righthand side of the page upon their release, and any public events will be listed below. We invite you to use the contact form on this portal if you have any contributions or corrections regarding this cohort.

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