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Betting on democracy: Biden’s big idea for US foreign policy

Edward Luce of the Financial Times considers the implications of the Summit for US foreign policy. While the Summit communicates the sentiment globally that America is committed to democracy at home and abroad, there are still many who have qualms about it's ability to achieve its stated goals and its impacts on American foreign policy, particularly in terms of relations with China and Russia.

Some criticisms centre around those countries that were invited and those that were not, with criticisms of Biden "smuggling realpolitik into a summit that was meant to be about values". However, the White House countered that this would be the case with any possible list of invitees. While some applaud how worried the Summit is making China and Russia, others are concerned it may push certain other nations into closer relations with them. Moreover, criticisms are levelled against American democracy and the leadership shown under Joe Biden. Ultimately, it remains to be seen how effective the Summit will be: in other words, how effectively the Summit can persuade nations to make innovative commitments and take concrete actions.

Read the full piece here in the Financial Times.